3 employee perks to keep your team happy without a raise!

Employee benefits are important when attracting and retaining talent at your company. Workers go as far as choosing their positions at companies that offer them the best perks[1]. But these aren’t just about a ping-pong table or a PS4 in the social room. Some prefer to have long parental leaves, others would like to a canteen serving quality food while others want a resort in Florida (a la Trump and his Southern White House).

But to setup such benefits are a costly, lengthy and bureaucratic process. Here are 3 easy to set-up employee perks, to keep your team happy & productive without the hefty investment of time and money.

  1. Provide them with Lunch Options

Free lunches are an employees dream. But that is often a far too expensive investment for any employer to make. A solution would be to meet employees half way and offer them subsidised food if the investment in a canteen is out of the question. Or, introduce a lunch provider such as Smunch.co; an office lunch program that makes lunch decisions much easier.

Such a small change in the office can improve a company’s overall well-being through healthier lunch choices, increased employee retention & interaction, stress reduction and more productivity.

2. Foster a Culture of Education

Employees spend more than half their day in the workplace. Repetitive tasks, growing workloads and overall stress of keeping up can take a toll on their morale. Encouraging knowledge sharing is essential to foster an employee culture with a growth mentality mindset. This in return makes them more motivated, and happier.

Inviting speakers, arranging for lectures by professionals or even having employees share their personal knowledge on topics they excel in, are ways to create an education calendar. Here is how Google keeps innovating by leveraging their strong learning culture. http://info.shiftelearning.com/blog/building-learning-culture

Copywright Google

3. Encourage Team Bonding activities

On the pace that we are going at, our only relationships at work will be that with the desktop. Getting off the desk to spend social time with colleagues seems like a fun idea for someone who sits in front of a computer most of their work day. The kind of activities done with colleagues can positively impact employee relationships in the office to effectively enhance productivity and company results. Think off site visits in school, how motivating were they?

So planning social get togethers, bowling competitions, game nights…etc might come off as insignificant, but as a low investment company benefit, it has it’s advantages. An easy way to start would be to plan weekly team lunches. Employees can get of their desk, and get chatty with their colleagues.

Work is a significant portion of all our lives and we should make all efforts possible to make this an enriching part of our life [2]. Here at Smunch.co we do our best to keep things serious when it comes to KPI’s, but easy and fun when it comes to our office vibes!

What do you do to make your employees smile?

Yours truly,




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