5 Office Food Dramas Every Team Can Relate To

Let’s be honest, food is a daily topic of discussion, both in office and outside. And despite our best efforts, we all have days where food feels like the only thing on our mind. These GIFs capture our office food drama. Share yours with us!

1: The office space turns into a concert hall…

Your stomach: “I will now demonstrate a whales mating call”.

2: You developed some serious skills to hide your Food Delivery service open tab when your boss is around…

And it’s not even something you can put on your resume.

3: Your stomach is slowly taking over your brain…

It feels like you can’t think of anything rationally without thinking of food.

4: But your lunch box looks like this…

Your to-do list is far too long for you to get a proper meal for lunch.

5: And above all, there is a 7 people queue in front of the microwave…

You schedule your lunch either an hour early or an hour late so you don’t play the waiting game.

We’ve all been there before. These are some of the painful facts we have to deal with, at our 9–5. But don’t despair, at Smunch we are reshaping this experience, to make your lunch break the highlight of your day. See how we are doing this here www.smunch.co/smartlunch

Guten Apetit.



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