5 tips on how to make the most of your lunch break

Lunch time is not only about getting food to feed your cravings, it’s also offering your brain and body a re-energizing break. If “visit the gym”, “medidate” and “take a nap” are magazine advices that you also consider useless, here are some real doable advices on how to make the most of your lunch break.

Multitasking with Smunch at lunch time © Smunch.co

1. 5 minutes planning before lunch are worth 15 minutes after

First things first, take 5 minutes before having your lunch break to set up your to-do list for the afternoon — a great way to leave your computer with an empty mind and to go back to work right after lunch break, without spending time going through what you did in the morning and trying to remember what you wanted to achieve later on. Come on, your body doesn’t have energy for that at 2 pm, your stomach is processing food! ;-)

2. A lunch break is a break

Keeping an eye on your emails with a fork in one hand, a usb drive in the other hand is tempting, because you might think you’ll finish your work earlier if you keep working while eating. Wrong math! Don’t check your emails between courses, since this has only one effect : preventing your brain from taking a break you won’t feel relaxed after lunch and therefore your productivity will suffer in the afternoon. Your brain deserves at least a small break to better restart. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat with your colleagues, but we encourage you to leave the open space and find a comfy place to have lunch together (your company maybe has a kitchen or a coffee area with tables?) and to leave your buzzing smartphone in your pocket.

3. Don’t miss the opportunity of networking

Get the chance to gather for lunch with co-workers from other departments that you barely talk to. On one hand, having friends at workhas been proved to be the most important factor for workplace happiness, according to a study conducted by Tiny Pulse. On the other hand, finding the time to connect with the ones in your network can be tough. Even though you’re fully satisfied with your job and you don’t plan to apply for a new one, continuously networking can’t be bad — and lunch is the best time to do it, isn’t it?

4. Take some personal “to-do” time

Use your lunch break to run some errands or make personal calls, because yes, post offices obviously organize their opening hours according to the times you are busy at work, right?!

5. Eat!

This might sound obvious but… eat! Don’t starve yourself for the sake of saving time and work harder — and please, don’t skip the opportunity to eat a proper meal that you don’t even have to cook by yourself. Eating warm, healthy and quickly seems impossible for you without spending 1,5 hour at a restaurant downtown? 
Well, you should consider office lunch programs like the one from Smunch, a german startup on the mission to make your team lunch simple. No more running around trying to find a good place around work, or waiting in line for 20 minutes at the one or two good options around. Companies subsidise the cost of lunch making it incredibly affordable to have the delicious food from one of Berlin’s best restaurants each day… For more informations and organizing a trial at your office in a few clicks, visit smunch.co.

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