Are Burgers Healthier than Salad?

Assume that a burger and a salad have the same nutritional value and same amount of calories, which would you choose to eat?

Nowadays, the notion of healthy is highly associated with low calorie, sugar free, vegan and “boring” foods. Common perception is the more food restrictions you have, the healthier you are. But let me ask you this: If you sit behind your desk everyday, eat a salad lathered in a rich creamy dressing, with highly processed ingredients, gobble it within 10 minutes and don’t make eye contact with anyone but your computer, is that healthy?

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Let’s remember, Healthy is a holistic term to describe a positive state of body and mind. How healthy you are is not only about what the dish is, but also the ingredients, how it is made and the approach with which you eat it. Which means that, although a burger might not be your typical idea of healthy, eating a good burger in a mindful, slow and conscious way could be healthier than mindlessly chowing down a Salad.


Here at Smunch promoting a holistic healthy lifestyle is important to us. It isn’t all just about giving offices healthy delicious & affordable lunches for them to enjoy. We want to encourage employees to make lunch the highlight of their day by utilising their break to relax, enjoy and re-energize. Lunch is another opportunity to get motivated for work. So yes you will find a burger on our menu, maybe a salad the next day, but the real health value is in how you choose to spend the time savouring your lunch.

Try to look at lunch differently & make it work to your advantage. Here are 5 tips on how you can make the best of your lunch

We would love to hear what you did to make your lunch better.



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